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HIGH-PERFORMANCE, ENERGY EFFICIENT GLASS SYSTEMS uPVC windows are engineered with state-of-the-art glass technology to give you outstanding thermal efficiency. It all starts with premium insulated glass...double-strength glass separated by an optimal air space to create a 20mm wide thermal barrier.

WARM EDGE INSULATING GLASS SEALANT SYSTEM Between the glass panes is a high-performance sealant system with insulated spacers engineered to flex with the glass in hot or cold temperatures to resist sealant failure. The insulated spacers also help keep the edges of the glass warmer, dramatically reducing condensation while keeping cold air out and warm air in.

OPTIONAL ENERGY SAVING EXTRAS To ensure our windows provide you with exceptional energy savings, Soft Coat Low-E Glass with insulating Argon Gas is available as an optional feature.

LOW-E GLASS TECHNOLOGY Low-E Glass is coated with microscopically thin, optically transparent metallic layers that reflect radiant solar energy while permitting visible light to pass through the glass. These invisible coatings provide amazing clarity and outstanding thermal performance. In cold, winter climates, the Low-E Glass helps keep rooms warmer by reflecting heat back into the home while letting warm, solar rays in. In hot, summer temperatures, the Low-E Glass lets visible light pass while blocking infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy. So your rooms stay cooler and you save on precious energy costs.

LOW-E GLASS WITH INSULATING ARGON GAS Argon Gas works like an insulating blanket between two panes of glass to further improve the thermal efficiency of Atrium windows. An insulated glass unit using Low-E Glass with Argon Gas provides the optimum insulating value for your home. Only available with Low-E Glass. An added bonus of our warm edge, insulating glass sealing system is its ability to create a single seal that provides superior retention of Argon Gas. This system assures you of thermal efficiency that is performancetested to be the best. Only available with Low-E Glass.